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Friday, October 2, 2009
One of my very best friends, Elizabeth, is a Religious Sister of Mercy in Alma, Michigan. It’s a beautiful and devout order and one that is growing! The Sisters are very highly educated, many have advanced degrees in Education and Medicine and they help to run the local hospitals and colleges. If you want to learn more about the order, check out their website.

Elizabeth entered the convent last September 1 (the birthday of Our lady) and since then we’ve only been able to write to each other through snail mail. All advanced forms of communication, cell phones, email, etc. were surrendered last August. A few weeks back, she wrote to tell me she will be staying for another year (not too surprising). This will be her second year, her novitiate year, which means she will un able to send or receive letters until September 2010. This is so that she may truly discern God’s call for her life. I can understand the need to be virtually cut off to really determine whether the religious life is for her, but it’s hard too. I miss her.

When she first told me she was considering becoming a nun, I was so excited for her. She converted to Catholicism in college and her faith has put me to shame ever since. Odd but true fact, sometimes I wish I were a convert. Anyways, I wasn’t very surprised to hear that she was considering the vocation because it fit her. And I was so very proud that my best friend would be a nun, I figured that had got to earn me some points in Heaven.

And now we get to the self-centered part of this blog post, I did not realize how difficult this journey would be for ME. I can’t just call her up to chat or tell her a funny story. And she was probably one of the last people to know that we’re having a baby because I had to force myself to sit down and write her a letter. And I can be pretty lazy about those sorts of things, so I think she found out when we were about 5 months pregnant. The girl at Starbucks knew I was pregnant before my best friend. Sad.

But I take solace in the fact that she is indeed following God’s call for her life. Fulfilling her vocation will bring her true happiness and that makes me happy. And I believe I will see her again soon. There is a chance her first station, so to speak, will be in either Boston or DC. She and I are both praying that will be the case. We have a plan that we’ll meet in a discreet location and that I’ll bring her a change of clothes and we’ll head out for a night on the town. Soon enough.

Elizabeth is the one on the far left, back row (partially hidden).

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  1. I had been hoping for an update--was thinking about her b/c I had my 10 year highschool reunion a few weeks ago. The pic is great--thanks for the news!


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