Tuesday, November 24, 2009
The mice are back. Or rather, they never left. Last week we caught the baby (mouse) in the living room. (Don't worry Mom, we haven't seen any mice in the guest bedroom:)) It came crawling out of a little hole near the heater. I felt a little bad about it, killing the baby mouse that is, but Matthew reminded me, “do you know how quickly that baby would have grown into a full grown mouse?” Good point. But since then we’ve seen one maybe two more mice in the kitchen. Yuck. A couple of weeks ago, the exterminator came and put bait down and the maintenance men supposedly plugged up the holes that the mice were coming out of, but apparently they didn’t do such a hot job because the mice have been finding a way to get through. So we took matters into our own hands. Matthew bought about 20 heavy duty mouse traps. They’re called Tomcat mouse traps and there’s a really mean looking picture of a cat on the box, so I’m hoping these traps will work. We set one in the kitchen, so hopefully that will do the trick. The maintenance men and exterminator came back this morning and reboarded up the holes and the exterminator said the bait he left last time was eaten, so that’s a good sign. I really can’t have mice in my house with a newborn baby, I just don’t want to have to deal with it. So hopefully this is the last we see of the mice. Okay, that was a really long post on our mice problem, but it’s been such a pain for us these last few weeks.

These mice are messin' with the wrong family.

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