Breastfeeding & Lost

Monday, December 14, 2009
Our birth center hosts a free breastfeeding class once a month. The class is taught by a nurse midwife and certified lactation consultant (yes, they’re actually called that) and is designed to help expectant mothers learn the basics of breastfeeding. I definitely intend to breastfeed, in fact I don’t have any bottles or formula in the house, so breastfeeding is really our only option at this point. Last week I attended the class and it was so helpful. Certain tips and strategies, which I won’t go into detail here to spare people, were really helpful. One thing the nurse mentioned was that it takes about 2 weeks for mom and baby to really get the hang of breastfeeding and that during that time it’s really important for the mom to stay focused while the baby latches on and feeds so that she can learn the baby’s cues and such. I was thinking, “okay, I can do that”. Then she added, “so that means actually paying attention to the baby and not catching up on the latest episodes of Lost”. Ha! I was like,” oh crud, she found me out”. Seriously, that was my plan, to nurse the baby as I caught up on season 2 of Lost. Now what am I going to do?


  1. ha! you are so funny. Was holding my friend's newborn today and thinking of you....just a few more weeks...

  2. I'm cracking up as I read this and catch up on season 5 of Lost. You'll do great with the baby, no worries!


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