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Sunday, February 28, 2010

As one of my New Year’s resolutions to dress as a stylish and cute mom, I’ve started to research fashionable and affordable clothing websites. Of course there are the traditional Gap, JCrew and Banana Republic stores, but really, who can afford a $48 t-shirt?

One shop I’ve found (and subsequently become obsessed with) is Shade Clothing. They’re based out of Utah and tout themselves as stylish and modest clothing wear. I recently purchased a dress and two skirts (the skirts were $12 each) and am really pleased with the quality and cut of the clothes. I also recently discovered eShakti, but they’re a bit more expensive. Of course, there’s always the ever popular Shabby Apple, but in my opinion a lot of their dresses seem a bit weird (and overpriced), maybe it’s just me.

Personally, I think it’s really important for women to maintain their appearance even after having children. I think it’s easy for many women to “let themselves go” after having a child and I’m determined not to let that happen to me. For my husband’s sake and for my own, I want to stay fit and cute. And while the fit part is a work in progress, I can still dress well and I intend to.

Do you have any clothing stores or sites you would recommend?


  1. that's awesome! I was doing some shopping this weekend, and totally agree! $50 t shirts at Banana!! But the other nice things were tempting me.
    Much to my surprise, I found a few things at Old Navy. Usually I can't find anything that doesn't look messy and cheap there, but I got lucky this time!

    I've heard of Shade (totally mormon, I'll bet) but am scared to order online w/out trying it on. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I was just talking to my sis who was shopping at Crossroads! I was like "oh meg, I really should not go there anymore! I need to dress my age!!" :) Those were some fun days!

  2. Haha, I know. As much as I love Crossroads, I think that time has passed. Goodbye Forever 21 too. Ha.

    Shade is totally Mormon, I'm almost positive. As far as sizing, the clothes run small, so Medium or Large fits me now (mostly because of the bust, thank you breastfeeding). But you can return the clothes if they don't fit, you just mail them back.

    Good to know about Old Navy, it is usually hit or miss there. Any other suggestions?

  3. I like Filene's Basement. also has some great items in their sale section.


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