Lent 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

I cannot believe it’s Lent already. I certainly don’t feel emotionally, physically or spiritually prepared to begin Lent, but alas, the Lenten season is upon me, so prepared or not, begin I must.

Truth be told, I love Lent. I believe Lent, more than any other time of the Liturgical year, really helps to purify and strengthen my relationship with God. I also enjoy the sacrificial aspect of Lent, I thrive on the challenge to offer more of myself to God, to do and to be better. Sometimes I think that if Lent lasted year round, I would be a much better Christian. Although, if that were the case, I’m sure I’d find a way to slack off there too. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

This Lent will be a bit different than any previous because of the fact that I have a newborn and am nursing, so the fasting and abstinence demands are a little less for me. Because of this, I’ve had to reconsider what my Lenten resolutions would be.

Initially when considering my Lenten plans I thought, I know, I’ll go to Mass every day. I momentarily forgot that I have a 3.5 week old and getting out of the house takes a good two hours these days. Ha. Instead, I plant to attend just one additional Mass during the week. I also plan to forgo ice cream and cookies, that one will be the real challenge. Lastly, (and this one is more fun than anything) I intend to watch one movie on some aspect of the Faith each Friday. For example, tonight we're going to watch a documentary on the Shroud of Turin. Next week, I hope to watch the movie about St. Bernadette. Hopefully, this way I can educate myself a little better on topics involving our Catholic Faith.

And finally, I plan to take full advantage of this slightly altered Lent and to kiss my baby a bit more often and thank God for the gift of her life, to joyfully wake up with her in the middle of the night, to lovingly practice sacrifice by putting the needs of my child before my own and hopefully by doing so, unite us both a little closer to the Cross.

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  1. I love your Lenten perspective. It's contagious!


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