It's Official

Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s official. I finally submitted the paperwork to the Social Security Administration to officially become Jennie R. instead of Jennie T. Geesh, it only took me two years to change my name. Socially, I’ve been going by my married name since May 2008, but professionally and financially I’ve remained Jennie T. But that will be the case no longer.

I’ll admit, I have mixed emotions about changing my name. I worked so hard to establish a good name and reputation for myself and now I feel like I have to start all over. Everybody knows Jennie T., nobody knows Jennie R. Okay, okay, I may be falling into a bit of over self importance here, but I do feel like I’m going back to square one.

Plus, it feels like by taking my new name that I’ve finally broken from my birth family. That makes me a little sad. Yet, I must remind myself, as I told my sister when she was commenting about how much I must miss my family by living in Massachusetts instead of California (which I definitely do), but I reminded her, “but Matthew and Hannah are my family now.” And they are and I have to remember that.

Of course, on the other hand I cherish becoming Jennie R. Jennie goes so well with my new last name and it’s a cute name, it sounds like a sporty mom name. Plus, I would never insist on clinging to my maiden name or God forbid, forcing Hannah to have a hyphenated last name. There is something simple and right about a family sharing a last name and now, my little family and I do.


  1. you are too cute. It took me a year to officially change it too, and I totally understand the "breaking" with your birth family. Especially when your fam is big and "everyone" knows you as one of "them". :)

    Sporty mom- love it!

    And, that's one of my fav. paintings- Norman Rockwell, right?

  2. I think I remember it taking you a little while to change your name too. Didn't Ryan insist on still calling you by your maiden name? Haha.

    Oh and yep, Norman Rockwell.

    P.s. Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet, I've been meaning to.


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