Tuesday, March 9, 2010
This Lent has been a bust thus far. I’ll admit it, I haven’t lived up to my Lenten sacrificial intentions. While I have been able to abstain from ice cream, I’ve nibbled on a cookie or two, or five. And I think I’ve made it to Mass once with Hannah.

While I oscillate between being disappointed with and forgiving of myself, I like to think there is one person who understands my struggles, The Blessed Mother. Our Lady understands the demands of having a little one to care for, the sleepless nights, the constant feeding, the exhaustion. Hopefully she will explain this to her Son and He will cut me some slack this Lent.

So while my Lent has not been what I originally had hoped, I can adjust my expectations and begin again. Instead of attending a daily Mass, I will try to pray during each of Hannah’s nursing sessions. Prayer does not require getting dressed or going anywhere, I can pray in the comforts of my own home whether I am showered or not. That’s the beauty of prayer, we meet God in the moment, just as we are. And He is always there, waiting.


  1. you can do it, Jennie! The prayer during nursing is a great idea. I always kept a notebook or book by my "nursing chair" for that.

  2. So true! The Blessed Mother knows another mother's heart so well. And your tending to Hannah is tending to Christ, too! :)


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