The Office Baby

Friday, March 5, 2010

Last night’s episode of The Office was classic. I laughed the entire time, especially during the breastfeeding scenes. The best line of the night was when Pam is struggling to get baby Cecilia to latch on properly and Jim asks, “well, you are pushing out the milk, right?” He then proceeds to show her how she might do just that. Haha, I laughed so hard. And a male lactation consultant? Hilarious.

I also liked the line when Pam is explaining to the nurse why she doesn’t want Cecilia to have a binky because she’s read about nipple confusion and the nurse says, “Oh good, you know everything.” That’s totally me, I’m guilty of telling nurses and doctors all about what I’ve read (thank you Google) and I’m sure they secretly roll their eyes at me.

The episode succeeded in being both funny and sweet. I loved the look on Jim’s face when he found out they were having a little girl. I almost cried. Little girls are the best.

Two thumbs up, five gold stars and one thousand Schrutte bucks for this episode.


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  2. oh my gosh I could write an essay about this episode. I'll email you about it. I love it too.

    Looks like the first comment may be Asian porn spam. You're not an official blogger till you get that, I guess!


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