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Friday, March 12, 2010
I’ve been putting off this post for about a week now, waiting until we had more information, but it looks like our little Hannah Claire is going to need surgery, and soon, Monday to be exact. Please pray.

During her last doctor’s appointment, the pediatrician noted that Hannah looked great and was a thriving baby, but that he was a little concerned about her head. Uh-oh, I thought and may have said aloud. He thought she could have a condition called Sagittal Synostosis, which is when two of the skull plates in an infant’s head fuse together prematurely. It’s not life threatening (thank God), but it does require surgery in order for the skull and the brain to continue to grow properly. After an x-ray and a CT scan today, it turns out he was right. Fortunately, she has a very mild version, which should make the surgery much simpler. (For more information on Craniosynostosis see the link below.)

The surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 8am and will be performed at Mass General Hospital, which is one of the best, if not the best hospital in the country for pediatric neurosurgery. Fortunately, the procedure to fix her Synostosis is endoscopic (meaning it’s much less invasive than normal surgery) and should only take about an hour. Unfortunately, she will require anesthesia, which makes me really nervous, and she will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. She’ll be in the ICU for the first night and then moved to a recovery room for the second night. I’ll be able to stay with her both nights, I don’t think they could keep me out if they tried anyway. Then after she’s released from the hospital she’ll have to wear a helmet for a couple of months to ensure that her skull grows properly. But other than that, the doctor said the recovery should be quick and easy.

Naturally Matthew and I are really anxious about this (our baby needs surgery!), but we’re taking things one step at a time and both handling this in the most calm and rational manner possible. In other words, we’re holding up pretty well. And as Matthew said, “this will only make our family stronger.”

I do trust that everything is going to be okay. I’ve been praying to Hannah’s patroness, St. Clare, and to her guardian angel to protect her during the surgery. That reminds me, I should pray to the surgeon’s guardian angel too. Speaking of the surgeon, we met with him yesterday. It turns out he went to UCLA undergrad and his wife went to Berkeley. I figure those are both good signs. Plus, his secretary’s name is Jennie and spelled with an “ie’ too, so there you go. He specializes in Craniosynostosis (the generalized version of Hannah’s condition) and has performed this procedure many times. I trust him.

So, I ask you all, please pray. I know your prayers will help our little one get through this with a speedy recovery. Thank you!

Hannah's Procedure


  1. Jennie, many, many prayers. I'll offer up Mass today for a safe and sound procedure and recovery. I had multiple surgeries as a baby on my kidneys and bladders from birth until age 2, and when I ask my mom about it, she said it only made her faith in God stronger and her relationship with my dad more secure. I pray this grace will abound for you, Matthew, and Hannah.

  2. Praise Him for blessing Hannah with a clean bill of health one day early! Glad to hear you're all recuperating at home, safe and happy. There are many collected sighs of relief here in our hearts and in the hearts of concerned family and friends.

  3. I just saw this post, Jennie - wow, that must have been nervewracking for you as parents! So glad to hear Hannah is doing well. We will definitely be praying for her speedy recovery!


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