3 Months Old

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Hannah,

It’s only been three months since you came into this world, but I can’t remember my life before you and certainly cannot imagine my life without you. Sweetheart, you have forever changed our lives, for the better. You’re growing so quickly and becoming such a charming little girl. Everyone who meets you comments on how beautiful, good and alert you are. You always have a smile for everyone you meet. And I pray you always stay that way: beautiful, good and kind.

Hannah Bear, you’ve made me a mother and for that I am so grateful. Motherhood really is as wonderful as they say, being your mother has been the joy of my life. Both your father and I feel so blessed to have you as our daughter. We may be biased, but we think you’re the best and cutest little girl in the whole wide world.

We love the way you:

Wake up all smiles for Mom and Dad in the morning
Stretch as you’re still waking up
Toot in your sleep
Like to squeal and yell
Love to watch Ghost Hunters
Stare at your feet
Are such an easy going girl
Laugh when you’re in your swing
Make your zoolander face (as your Dad calls it)
Scratch the back of your head
Kick and poke at me to wake me up in the morning
Snort just before you’re about to nurse
Are ticklish on your belly and neck
Smell after eating
Will let anyone hold you
Enjoy being complimented
Are so proud of yourself when you stand
Study everything and everyone around you
Stare at us with your beautiful blue eyes
Like to cuddle up with your Daddy
And brighten the day of everyone around you.

Love Bug, happy 3 months, we love you!


  1. Have to share this photo on my Facebook! What a happy loved baby!!! GRAMS....

  2. this is the sweetest message too. i mean obviously the picture is perfect, thats a given. but you are such a good little mom :)

  3. Aww, thanks Mom and Jacqui. Don't you just love her little checked pants? Haha. The picture is really cute, I'm just a little embarassed about her outfit. Oh well. She obviously doesn't care that she doesn't match:) So glad you both have been able to meet her!

  4. What a lovely little post to your Hannah. I know I'm late on the well wishes, but I hope that this next month brings even more blessings to your family.


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