Monday, April 5, 2010
We had an absolutely lovely Easter. We started the morning off with a homemade breakfast. I made a goat cheese omelette and yummy cinnamon rolls (thank you Pillsbury). Then we gave Hannah her Easter basket. I love having kids, or rather a kid, because even though she has no idea, I love preparing and presenting her with a little Easter basket. We gave her a little stuffed bunny and a pink wooden cross. We also gave her some candy, but that was more for us than for her.:)

We headed into town and went to Mass at the Cathedral in Boston. Actually, we went to a Latin Mass at the Cathedral. Only my second Latin Mass ever. It was really nice, despite the fact that I was flipping through the little guide they give you trying to figure out where in the Mass we were. The priest gave a roaring homily, and I mean roaring. I don't think I've ever heard a priest get so passionate during a homily. He practically yelled, "the stone was rolled away."

One thing I remember from his homily is that he mentioned the fact that the linen cloths in which Jesus's body was wrapped were folded neatly and placed on the stone slab. He asked if we knew why they were folded so neatly and in my head I thought, "yes, his mother taught him well." Haha. Apparently that wasn't why though. In Jesus's time, when a master was eating dinner and got up to leave the table, if he folded his napkin it was a sign to the servants that he would be back. So the priest said Jesus was leaving a sign that he indeed would be back. I still think it's because his Mom raised him right.

After Mass we headed down to Newbury street for a little stroll. The weather was absolutely beautiful, it was such a perfect day for a walk. Easter Sunday always seems to have nice weather. It's as if the Earth itself is rejoicing with Heaven.

Then we headed to Matthew's cousin's house for a little bit where of course Hannah was the belle of the ball. Being her mother, I love to watch people fawn over her. She is pretty cute.

After that we finally headed home. We were exhausted, so we watched a movie about Roger Maris and his record breaking season. Can you guess who picked that movie? Not me. Although, I must admit, it actually turned out to be a really good movie. Later in the evening, we took another walk along the beach (where we live) and walked down to a little shack that sells burgers and shakes and we both got milkshakes and headed home.

All in all, this Easter was pretty nearly perfect. I just wish we could have seen our California family. Next year. Speaking of next year, I can't wait for next year because then Hannah will have at least a vague idea about hunting for Easter eggs. I love having a kid.

I meant to take a family picture since we were all dressed up, but alas I completely forgot.


  1. You are such a fabulous woman and mother. I love this post!

  2. Can I inquire about your thoughts about posting pictures of ones children? Obviously, you don't have a problem with it, but I would like to know why if I could. Thanks.


  3. Oh, wow, thanks Julian! That made my day and means a lot coming from you (a fellow fabulous woman, in my opinion).:)


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