Happy Earth Day

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do the Earth a favor, have a few more children.

I recently stumbled upon an article at Faith & Family Magazine, which supports the idea that large families “are the new green.” Read it here. Big families (which I’m assuming is considered to be three or more kids) tend to get a bad rap. They’re often considered irresponsible and environmentally damaging. But the truth of the matter and what’s obvious to anyone who is actually from a large family, is that big families are often more conservative (in the environmental sense) than smaller ones.

Families with many children understand first hand the phrase, “reduce, re-use, recycle.” Kids from large families have been recycling clothes and wearing second hand outfits long before it was popular. Rampant consumerism is not often present in large families and children (and parents) must learn to get by with less. Toys, clothes, cars, beds and almost all material items are passed down from one child to the next. It is a rare luxury to receive something brand new. How many 2.5 kid families can say the same?

So the next time you see a mom toting around a bunch of kids, thank her for doing her part to help save the planet. I'm serious.

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