Little Miracles

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hannah had outgrown her bassinet, so we attempted to donate it to Goodwill, however they wouldn't take it. My MIL had the idea to see if we could donate it to a pro-life organization. Such a great idea!

So yesterday I called the pro-life organization, Friends of the Unborn, to see if they wanted a gently used bassinet. They said they would take it. So today Hannah and I stopped by to drop it off. Let me just say, this place is awesome. It's actually a nice large house and serves as a shelter for 15 young, pregnant women. They also provide the young women with classes in which they can learn about basic life skills and how to care for their baby.

When we showed up one of the women who works there said she had just received a call from a woman who needed a bassinet. The woman is taking in her sister's children. (Her sister is a drug addict and can no longer care for her children.) So this unknown woman needed some baby items, including a bassinet. The Friends of the Unborn volunteer told the woman that they didn't have any available, but then shortly thereafter, I showed up. How cool is that? As the volunteer said, "that's just how the Lord works here."

Naturally, I was so impressed by this organization and the work they are doing that I offered to do some volunteer work. I couldn't help myself. I've been looking to become more involved in the pro-life movement and God presented this opportunity to me. I had to take it. I will probably only volunteer here and there (obviously Hannah is my first priority), but I am SO excited to help out. I can't wait to get started!

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