Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Leo’s funeral was really nice, or at least as nice as a funeral can be. The church was packed and I kept thinking, wow, I hope I affect this many people during my lifetime. I better get on it.

Hannah was the only baby there and I think she had a profound effect on a lot of people. Everyone loves a baby, but there’s something almost necessary and reassuring about a baby at a funeral. A testament that life goes on. She was the perfect distraction as people put it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s really social and smiley, so I think her presence put a good number of people in a better mood. Leo’s wife, Helen, especially loved having her there and even thanked me for bringing her. It was my pleasure. After the funeral we came home and Hannah and I took about a four hour nap. We were exhausted.

Leo will definitely be missed. He certainly was a character. He and Matthew were very close, Leo called him his #1 nephew. So I know Matthew will miss him, but we’ll try to keep his memory alive in little ways. After the funeral we went to Friendly’s (a local restaurant chain) and had some frappes (what milkshakes are called in the Bay State) in honor of Leo. He loved Friendly’s frappes. My kind of guy.

After the exhaustion of the funeral we figured a trip down to the Cape would be a nice way to relax, so Saturday morning we headed down. The weather was rainy and cold, but as always, it was great to be there. We continued our house hunting and did several drive bys and peeked in a couple of windows, but didn’t find anything too promising. The search continues.

I had a dentist appointment today. Wow, this post is becoming increasingly boring, sorry. I’ve really been looking forward to this appointment because after I had Hannah my teeth became super sensitive. I was worried I had like 15 cavities, but the dentist assured me that my teeth were in great shape and that I “must be doing something right.” (Lots of sweets and no flossing it is then!) He said that the sensitivity is most likely due to the drop in hormones after giving birth and that it should go away in time.

And lastly, I have finally begun my post-baby diet. I’ll write more about it in detail, but it basically entails eating soup and salad for lunch every day. I can do that. Although, it also involves eliminating sweets, that may be tougher, but I’m determined to lose the weight. Wish me luck!

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