Tree Houses

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It is my firm belief that childhood should be sweet. Days should be spent climbing trees, riding bikes, swimming in pools, eating cookies and reading books. I spent about half my childhood in a tree and to this day cannot pass a tree without assessing whether it would be a good one to climb or not.

As Matthew and I resume our quest for a home, we have several key components we are looking for, a nice kitchen, two bathrooms, room for a garden, etc. But one main requirement for me is that our house must have a good quality tree in the backyard because I recently discovered this company. They’re based out of Pennsylvania and design and build these incredible tree houses. I’m pretty thrifty, but this is one area where I would be willing to splurge (although we‘re not getting electricity or anything ridiculous like that in the tree house.) Plus, my Dad is a structural engineer, so he could probably help us to come up with a creative design. I already showed Matthew the website and informed him of my plans. (He already knows about my love for trees.) I can’t wait!


  1. This is so fabulous! My parents allowed my brother and me to really exercise our imaginations outdoors. We still laugh at all of the "adventures" we had in the yard. Hannah is so lucky that you want to provide her with this. :)

  2. I am also a new member on Catholic Mothers Online! Your baby is beautiful! I am so with you on what childhood should be. My kids are almost all grown (21, 18, & 15), and hopefully that's the childhood they remember!

  3. 三分之一的人生,可以決定另外三分之二的人生!!共勉哦! ....................................................

  4. Thanks, Julian! My brother and I had many backyard "adventures" too:) It's because I had so much fun playing outside as a kid that I want Hannah to be able to experience that too.

    Hi Mary! Welcome and thanks for reading my blog (and for complimenting my baby:))!

  5. jennie! here i am.. reading& commenting your blog. I should be studying but this makes for a nice break. i LOVE the tree house idea... my kids having one too, mainly so i can play in it with them. maybe when i come visit i can stay in the tree house w/ hannah? good thing youre not living in berkeley i could see the homies (homeless) taking over an awesome tree house... you know how they love trees in berkeley. except i think everyone can agree the west coast> east coast... plus how is hannah supposed to play outdoors if its cold all the time. california is where its at


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