A Bitter Pill on Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
This past Sunday on Mother’s Day, the CBS Sunday Morning News Show aired a segment lauding the creation of the birth control pill. The newscaster, Faith Salie, spent the entire segment singing the praises of The Pill. Can you believe it? On freakin' Mother’s Day!

As I was making my coffee Sunday morning, I was only half listening to the show and so initially thought the segment was a joke. Ms. Salie began her segment by stating, “It's Mother's Day, and I won't be receiving any cards or flowers or sweet, sloppy kisses, thanks - in large part - to the pill.” She’s thankful she won’t be receiving any flowers or kisses? She must be kidding right?

Yet, when she proceeded to praise Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and was even so brazen to declare that the creation of The Pill had made women better mothers, I realized that this was indeed no joke. I was so appalled I turned off the TV. Yesterday I sent in my letter of complaint to CBS.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought the segment was distasteful and offensive. Several journalists wrote about her and CBS’s lack of judgment in airing such a story on Mother’s Day of all days. If you have the time, you can send in a note of complaint here.

Yet, ultimately, despite my shock, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness for Ms. Salie. She is a woman in her late thirties, possibly early forties, who has no children. I couldn't help but wonder if this editorial was in some sense a way to convince herself that she had done the right thing all these years in preventing motherhood. Because, really, what woman wouldn’t want to receive flowers and sweet, sloppy kisses on Mother’s Day?

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  1. that's awful!! Great job on the letter- love that!


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