Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God is good. These (here, here and here) good and faithful women just found out that they will soon become mothers (and right before Mother's Day too-how Providential). What lucky children!

It was about a year ago this time that we found out we were expecting Hannah. In some small way, I can relate to these women who have waited years to become mothers. God had me wait a little longer than I would have liked to become a mom, but His timing is always perfect and who am I to question God?

So may God continue to bless these women and their husbands and their soon to be little ones.


  1. omg I can't believe it about Sew~ I have not checked her blog in awhile. Greaaatt news! And, I know Small Treasures from law school- so awesome.

    miss you and will email you soon.

  2. Oh wow, you know Small Treasures? I feel like she's a celebrity. Haha. I know, what great news for these ladies!

    Miss you too! Hope your trip up to Oregon was fun:)

  3. I know- everyone in the blogosphere is famous- you too!
    Did you read this one?

    that one really gives me hope- i have been reading hers for quite awhile.


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