World Cup Action

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Germany v. Spain 2:30pm (ET) Today!

As a former soccer player, I just love the World Cup. In my opinion, I think it's the greatest international sporting event, and dare I say, even more so than the Olympics.

Soccer is such a beautiful sport. The passing, the plays, the intensity with which the players approach the game. Futbol is the every man's game, and as Dmitri Shostakovich once called it "the ballet of the masses."

Plus, I get a kick out of the fact how the stereotypical characteristics of a nation are manifested in its futbol team. The Brazilians always play with finesse and confidence; the English team, while always one of the best, tends to choke in pressure situations; the Italians are flamboyant and a tad overdramatic; the Germans are strong and systematic and get the job done. And as Monique at Catholic Chicks points out, so many teams and players are men of faith. God is ever present on the futbal field, at least during the World Cup. Gotta love a game like that.

p.s. Go Deutschland!

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