Cloth Diapers For Sale--Updated

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before I had Hannah I had great plans to cloth diaper her. While I still think cloth diapering is a good and noble goal, it's not terribly high on my mothering must-do list.

So, I'm selling on Craigslist my set of cloth diapers that I spent a small fortune on, but I thought I'd post on my blog too in case anyone out there is interested.

These are Green Mountain Pre-Fold Diapers--NEVER BEEN USED!!!

I did wash them 3-4 per instructions, but I never got around to using them. Ha! Anyways, I'm selling:

24 Newborn Size Diapers
12 Small Size Diapers
4 Bummies Covers

All for the price of $50. Email me if you're interested!

These sold on Craigslist already, after only a couple of hours. Awesome. Although, maybe I priced them too low. Oh well, I just made 50 bucks.


  1. Yesss! That's awesome that you are a cloth diapering drop out. You even bought them, that's admirable!
    I thought I wd cloth, but was too scared to invest the money. Turns out it wd have been a good deal since isabel is STILL in diapers. I am a potty training mama dropout!!

  2. Cloth diapering drop-out, love it! Haha. Shoot, good luck with the potty training. I have no idea how that's going to work when the time comes for us. I'm not totally against bribery.:)


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