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Friday, October 22, 2010

1)Is it Friday already? Goodness. I think I may have mentioned I’m coaching soccer this season. I’m coaching a 7th grade team for a nearby boarding school. It’s a good time and I love the girls. But the school emphasizes that winning is not important and for this competitive lady, that is not easy. Half the players are really talented and the other half, well, let’s just say we’re working on their foot-eye coordination. You know that Dunkin’ Donuts commercial with the little girls soccer team chasing all the butterflies and the coach yelling, “stay focused tigers.” That’s so me. Yesterday, my players were chasing leaves all over the field. (Just realized that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t exist in California and thus no Dunkin Donuts commercials. I’ll see if I can find the commercial on YouTube.)

2)Matthew has a pretty bad cold right now. Does anyone ever notice how men become such little boys when they’re sick? Oh my, I’m taking care of two babies right now. Someone mentioned to me that they hoped I was feeling all right and I told them simply, I can’t get sick. Moms can’t get sick. Who would take over?

3)I have a second part time job teaching Saturday mornings at an English-Chinese school in Boston. I love it. I’m teaching 5th grade English and Math to about 15 students. They’re really good kids and I admire the fact that they show up every Saturday for more school. I feel really blessed with both my part time jobs. St. Joseph really came through for me. The jobs are super easy, enjoyable and pay pretty well. I am blessed.

4)Hannah has started pulling herself up on everything. She’s so proud of herself when she is able to pull herself, so we make sure to clap and cheer for her a lot. She also has four more teeth on top. They’re poking through, so she likes to bite down on everything. Hence the bitemarks on our coffee table.

5)Has anyone else started their Christmas shopping? I can proudly say that I’m about halfway done. Hannah is only getting a few things this year and some empty boxes that we’ll wrap. She loves wrapping paper more than anything, so we might just wrap up a bunch of things. But my favorite gift we’re, I mean Santa, is giving Hannah this year are these Saintly Silver felt saints. She’s getting St. Clare and the girl guardian angel. They’re a tad expensive, but so cute and I figure something she can play with during Mass too.

6)It’s Fall in New England and I’m loving it. In my opinion Spring and Summer and pretty much miserable here, but Fall, oh the Fall, it’s incredible. All the leaves are beautiful and the weather is perfect. We’ve been trying to get outside ever weekend. We’ve taken a train ride, gone to a Cranberry Festival, a local elementary school Fall Fest and we would have gone for a few bike rides, but unfortunately it’s against the law to take a child younger than one on a bike ride. Crazy.

7)My parents just returned from their European whirlwind trip to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like they had a blast. They were able to visit the town where my great grandmother is from and hike to the local chapel she hiked to every day in the Austrian Alps.

8) Hannah is 9 months old today! I can't believe it, 9 months sounds so old now. My baby is growing up:)
I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all!

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  1. GREAT updates Jennie! Amazing how time flies as a mommy/wife, but I always enjoy reading about your blessings :) xoxoxo Mom


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