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Friday, November 12, 2010
No, this isn't a post on motherhood or marriage or anything profound, this is a post about ice cream, gelato to be precise.

Last week I received an email stating that I had been selected to participate in a Whole Foods Focus Group about ice cream. Considering I didn't remember signing up for any such thing, I promptly turned to Matthew and asked me if he had. "You were chosen?" he asked excitedly. Apparently, he had signed me up and was elated to know I had been selected.

So yesterday we traveled down to Whole Foods so I could partake in a round table discussion on none other than ice cream. To say I know my ice cream would be an understatement, to say I enjoy ice cream would be putting it lightly. I gained 60lbs during Hannah's pregnancy primarily because I was enjoying a nice bowl of ice cream daily. Anyways, there were about 12 other people and we discussed ice cream for about an hour. At one point, I mentioned my favorite flavor Coffee Cookie Dream from Fentons Creamery (in California) and from that point on all the other participants would reference that flavor mentioning, "see that's something I would like" or "where can I get that flavor?" It was pretty funny. In my humble opinion, Massachusetts ice cream has nothing on California. I miss Fentons and Loards and even Yogurt Park. I digress.

It was fun to discuss ice cream and branding and what's important and what's not and at the end of the hour the marketing company thanked us and told us we could go after we received our free gelato. Free gelato? I didn't realize I was getting anything for participating, but lo and behold we each received a box with 5 pints of gelato. 5 pints! That's a lot of gelato. My cup runneth over.


  1. so. awesome.
    OMG coffee cookie dream is seriously a sinfully good ice cream. I only had it that one time when we were at your beachhouse and Matthew brought it.

    When we are in CA again together (July-- for Annie's wedding?) can we please go to Fenton's together and experience that wonderfulness?!!

    (my brother is living next to Fentons now; I'm jealous)

  2. um first of all... that is awesome!!!!! & it looks like your good food streak continues!

  3. Kerry, umm, yes please, let's definitely get some Fentons ice cream this summer. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

    And Katie, I totally thought of you when this happened and how jealous you would be. One of the flavors I received was Peanut Butter Cup. It's a chocolate ice cream flavored with peanut butter. You and prob Jacqui would love it!


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