Simple Woman's Daybook December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Outside my looks like it may snow. It flurried yesterday, but nothing stuck. It has certainly been cold enough for it (21 degrees today). I hope we do get at least some snow before we leave for California.

I am listening to...Christmas songs on Pandora. We pretty much keep the Christmas music going 24/7 around here.

I am black yoga pants and a long sleeve maternity top. But I'll have to change into my coach attire for our first basketball game today.

I am thinking... a lot about India and China's lost girls. I watched a documentary yesterday about the extreme gender imbalance in China and what the long term consequences of not enough women might be, such as prostitution, violence, increased crime, and sex slavery. Lovely. Not exactly Christmasy thoughts, but such is life.

I am thankful for
... a warm home, food, that my daughter was born in America.

I am reading... not much, any recommendations? I've been thumbing through Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and Covenanted Happiness. But I would love to read a good novel soon.

I am hoping...that our basketball game goes well today! And hoping that we can manage to finish all the many errands and Christmas shopping we need to do before we leave for California in just three days. Yikes. I'm also hoping to manage to scrimp an extra $40/month to sponsor a little orphan girl in India who was abandoned by her parents because she was a girl. If you're interested in sponsoring a child, look here. I sponsor a little Ugandan girl through this Christian organization and they're legit.

On my blessed I am. How next year we will have two little ones to celebrate Christmas with. What joy!

From the kitchen...pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the mailman and neighbors. I made this recipe and did not realize it made 60 cookies. Good grief.

Around the house...silence, except for the Christmas music. Matthew took Hannah to run a few errands early this morning so I could have some time to myself. I've been so productive. Finished our Christmas cards, made cookies, vacuumed, took a shower and completed our homemade Christmas presents.

One of my favorite things...watching Hannah and Matthew play peekaboo and this little "I'm going to get you" game. It's really sweet and Hannah LOVES it.

A picture I am sharing

Our Christmas card for this year:)

Hannah has some news...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

...she's going to be a big sister!

Finally, we can share our good news. I wanted to make sure everyone in real life knew about Dos (as I'm affectionately calling baby #2) before I announced it on my blog, which is one reason I've been blogging less lately. It's hard not to write about what's really going on.

Dos is due around the end of May/early June, which means the baby is about 17 weeks right now. We were completely caught off guard by this pregnancy, but we're so, so excited to be adding to our family. And I love the idea that Hannah and her sibling will be about 16 months apart, so hopefully they'll be best buddies growing up. We're so blessed!

Christmas Card Outtakes

Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Takes- Monday Edition

1) Sorry it's been a while, but Happy St. Nicholas's Day! Hannah was delighted to find some cinnamon sticks in her shoes this morning. She crawled right over and ate the entire bag in one sitting. As for Matthew and me, I didn't have time to get any candy, so I received some decaf coffee in my shoe and Matthew got a popsicle (this morning) in his. Next year hopefully will be a bit more organized.

2) Basketball has started and is going really well. Surprisingly, I find I'm enjoying myself more with basketball than with soccer. It helps that there's someone else coaching with me and we only have 9 players on our team. Plus, I've also discovered I am way more rah-rah with basketball. I think that's because I don't know much more than the girls, I figure hey, that could easily be me making that crazy bad shot, so nice effort.

3)We're headed to California in just 13 short days! Yay! We can't wait to see everyone and spend Christmas with them.

4) I've started the process of finishing my masters thesis--finally. I'm hoping to have it completed by this spring. I'm writing about single sex education- pros and cons, however so far, in all the data, it seems to be mostly pros. If anyone has anything to add, let me know:)

5) I started on our Christmas cards yesterday. I just love Christmas and everything about the joyful holiday, including writing Christmas cards. So you can expect your Christmas card from us in the next two weeks!

6) I'm running out of takes here. After work on Saturday morning, I went to Confession at this shrine and it was wonderful. Then Saturday afternoon we watched a few episodes of Mad Men (our new show that we're hooked on). Then Saturday night we went out to dinner at this place I've been wanting to try for a while in the North End. Saturday was a good day.
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