21 Weeks

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I realize I haven't posted too much, if at all, about my pregnancy with Dos.

For my own memory I want to record a few things so I don't forget.

This pregnancy has been really different than Hannah's, which makes me think the baby is a boy. I could be wrong. I had a sense Hannah was a boy, and obviously I was wrong on that one. So we shall see.

I definitely was more nauseous this pregnancy. I had morning/afternoon/evening/night sickness for about a week straight, which incidentally is actually what tipped me off to the idea that I might be pregnant. But I can't complain since it really only lasted a week.

Cravings with this pregnancy have been really interesting. I basically crave any and all things Mexican. Spice, yum! Matthew jokes this baby is going to come out looking like Manny (from Modern Family). I also am really enjoying carbs and meat. For the first time in a few years, I have eaten steak. (We generally don't eat red meat and have a mostly vegetarian diet.) I figure my body must need the iron.

I also haven't gained much weight. Strike that, I've gained the recommended amount of weight so far, which compared to Hannah's pregnancy is a huge difference. With Hannah I gained so much weight, but fortunately lost all but three pounds of it. I know I can't count on that again, so I'm trying to be more conscious of my weight gain this time around.

At 21 weeks, I feel good and my baby bump is out in full force. I've started to feel the baby move and he/she is a kicker like their older sister. I love being pregnant and cannot wait to meet this little one. We have our big ultrasound on Monday and I can't wait to see Dos in person again. Every time I see him/her on the screen or hear the baby's heartbeat I swoon. I am in love.


  1. yay, belly pics again!

    You look great!

  2. Thanks, Kerry!

    I feel like I was just posting belly pics, I guess I was...haha.


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