Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hannah’s First Birthday (Wow!) is quickly approaching. Mentally, I’ve been planning this momentous occasion for a few months now. Lately, I’ve come to settle on the idea of a bubble themed party. (Hannah loooves bubbles.) And yesterday, I discovered this Bubble Party Package which comes with invitations, decorations and other sort of knick-knacks to throw a full on bubble party.

My dilemma is this: should I buy the package (it‘s only $12.95)?

By purchasing this set I feel like I am fully committing to throwing an all out birthday party. In theory, I’m pretty anti-huge kid parties. Parents tend to go overboard for their children’s birthdays and I always figured I wouldn‘t follow suit. As a kid, I was perfectly happy with a pool party and some cake and ice cream. My kids should be content with the same.

However, I am suffering some serious mommy guilt lately. I feel guilty that my baby will only be the baby of our little family for a few more months. I know, I know, in the long run I’m giving her this tremendous gift by giving her a sibling and believe me I feel more than blessed to be having another child and love that Hannah and Dos will be so close in age, BUT, and this may not be rational, but I feel like spoiling her like crazy for the next few months to show her how much we love her and that we’re not attempting to replace her by having another baby.

On the other hand, I don’t want to set a precedent for over the top birthday parties. Plus, I was reading last night that a big bash can actually be overwhelming for a one year old and that the first birthday celebration should be kept fairly small.

What should I do?

*The pictures in this post are from the Bubble Party Package. So cute, right?

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  1. ok, super cute party package-- you are right.

    I too am anti kid party. Isabel had her first actual party last April for her 3rd bday, and that was mostly our friends (actually the only other kids there were spencer sayo and her cousin!), and still it was a little overwhelming for isabel b/c she's a social butterfly like me and social things amp her up for days afterward!!!

    I don't know if we will have a 4 year old party. I am leaning toward no, and maybe just have some kids over for lunch.

    Ok, I don't know much about the second-child, only child thing...but I do remember when I was working a lot on my girls camp last summer I felt so guilty about the time I was not giving isabel that I did impulsively buy her a book at a store when she asked for it, which i rarely do...b/c I felt so guilty. So, I kind of get that.

    Ok, I'm going to be blunt to end this post. The party may be nice for you and the family and friends and a good pictures etc. But, at the actual party, she will not realize it's for her. (this is no indication of your child's IQ) :) She will have fun at a party, but she would also have fun out for ice cream with you both, or whatever.

    I will not judge you if you have a party. :)))


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