Tuesday, January 4, 2011
This news may be a bit late, but have you heard about this miracle?

Baby James Fulton was born nearly three months ago and had no heartbeat for 61 minutes. 61 minutes! Doctors managed to resuscitate him, but initial MRI scans showed significant brain damage. He has been in the hospital since his birth and was recently released to go home. After many, many prayers and petitions, a recent follow up MRI scan shows no brain damage! His brain and brain activity is normal. Can you believe that? 61 minutes with no heartbeat and he now has no brain damage! His parents are convinced the prayers have healed their son and a miracle has taken place.

Baby James is named after Bishop Fulton Sheen and during their time in the hospital they asked people to pray to Bishop Sheen for his intercession in the healing of their son. Apparently, this is not the first time the good Bishop has interceded for a baby with health problems. They are now going through the process to report the events in order to give credit to Bishop Fulton Sheen and speed his canonization. Amen to that. I have long been a fan of Sheen. I just love him! Maybe we should name our next child after him? Hmm.

Reading about Baby James and Baby Tess brought me right back to our experience with Hannah’s surgery and her time spent in the hospital and PICU. I know firsthand what a harrowing experience it can be to have your tiny child, your baby, in the hospital and I was so inspired by the faith of these two women. I followed their blogs daily, checking in for updates and praying right along with their friends and families.

Looking back, I can’t even remember how I discovered their bogs. Funny how God brings people together and asks strangers to pray for one another. But women (and presumably men) throughout the country were praying for these two families and for the healing of their children. And the prayers worked! I said after Hannah’s surgery that I would never again underestimate the power of prayer and this was a wonderful reminder of just how powerful the prayers of good and faithful people can be.

I would not wish anyone to experience having a child in the hospital, but in some small way I am glad I did. It has made me that much more empathetic to parents (and families) with hospitalized children. It has also made me better appreciate the health of my child. After Hannah’s time in the hospital we were so thankful that her condition was not chronic. Her Synostosis could be fixed with a relatively simple surgery (although to a mother with a newborn-no surgery is simple). Doctors could heal her. So many of the children in the PICU had been there for months, even years and their health was not something doctors could so easily heal.

I pray that both Baby James and Baby Tess continue to grow into healthy young and active children. I think I may have mentioned in when I wrote about Hannah’s surgery, but God truly is more powerful than any one person and every situation.(And thank God for good doctors.)

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  1. that's amazing!! God is so good.
    Thanks for sharing, I had not heard about it.


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