Weekend Recap

Monday, January 17, 2011
Friday night my team had a basketball game (we won!). The girls played great and it’s so fun to watch them improve with each game. One of the parents came up afterwards to tell me how impressed she was with their passing, etc. and what a testament it was to my coaching. Ha! I try, but never having played basketball, I’m not sure if I can take credit for the team’s success.

Saturday morning I had my teaching session in Chinatown. My students have their finals next Saturday so we spent a good amount of time reviewing. We played vocabulary charades, which they love. I feel like they’re pretty well prepared for the final exam.

After teaching, I came home to find Hannah fast asleep, so Matthew and I were able to enjoy a lunch just the two of us. It’s a rare treat to eat a meal sans Hannah, so that was nice. We were able to discuss politics, the war in Afghanistan, and other such adult topics. After lunch we lounged around and watched a move. Later that afternoon, I was able to get a much needed haircut. My hair grows like crazy when I’m pregnant, so I look much more presentable now. For dinner, I made a homemade pesto pizza. Yum.

Sunday morning after Mass we went to Panera (oh my goodness, they make the best mochas). We met a nice elderly lady who was smitten with Hannah. She commented on Hannah’s name and how it was a biblical name. We always smile when people tell us her name is Biblical or that Hannah was Samuel’s mother because, yes, that’s why we chose it. Haha. Hannah is named for the Hannah in the Bible, a woman of great faith who kept her promises to God.

Later in the day we went shopping at Old Navy because they were having a major sale and stocked up on clothes for Hannah. Hopefully she won’t need any new clothes for the next 6 months or so. We walked away with a ton of loot for her and both agreed how easy it would be if the next baby was a girl, if only for the fact we wouldn’t need to buy any new clothes.

In so many ways another girl would be so easy and slip so easily into our family. People often ask what I hope the baby is going to be and I can honestly say, I have no preference whatsoever. In my opinion, having a baby is a win-win situation. Girl, win. Boy, win. Yes, a girl would be easy, but a boy would be an absolute delight too. I only want this baby to be exactly who God made him or her to be. If he’s a boy, of course I want a boy. If she’s a little girl, then of course I want a girl. But I’m already starting to get antsy to see who’s in there! Is it A or is it M? Haha, try to figure out those names, Mom and Dad! Actually, we’re not totally decided on the names, but getting there.

After shopping Hannah took a nice long nap and I was able to work on my little craft project: to make Hannah’s “1” shirt for her birthday and her “big sister” shirt. I was inspired by this mom who made her daughter's "big sister" shirt and assured me it wasn't too difficult. I was able to finish both shirts and they are soo cute. I must say I am quite proud of myself for making them. (I'll have to post the "1" shirt later.)

Sunday evening while watching the Patriots game we also brewed some beer (a favorite pastime of ours). We’re brewing a stout, so in a few months we’ll see how it turns out.

This post is beginning to bore me, so if you’ve read this far, thanks! It was a busy, but somehow relaxing weekend.


  1. Darling shirt..looks like patchwork! And Hannah already looks older! Does she even realize what's coming on Saturday??
    Congrats on the basketball victory - winning sure is a treat. And good luck to your Chinese students. How fun to watch all of those under your tutelage succeed.
    And hmmmmm let's see:
    A for Anthony
    M for Monica
    or M for Michael
    A for AnnaMarie ??????? :)

  2. yes I read to the end of the post!
    Adorable shirt!

    Ok my guesses are:
    M for Matthew
    A for Annalisa, or Anna, or Annabelle

    just guesses!

  3. Ooh, those are some good guesses:) Funny you both guessed Anna, or some variant of it. I do like the name and really like the name Annabelle, but I don't think we could have an Anna and a Hannah. Haha, too similar.

    These pictures don't really capture the shirt too well, I'll have to take some more pics. But, thank you for your compliments:) And Kerry, you know what I was thinking while I was finishing up Hannah's shirt, that I'll make one for Isabel someday, I'm sure of it!


  4. Belle would love a shirt like that (and all the responsibilites of big sister-hood...like knowing how to work a nursing cover, and how to breathe during labor!)

    um, yeah.

  5. K I just thought of another A after listening to EWTN Catholic Talk Radio - ABIGAIL!! her name means "Cause of a father's joy". And Abby Johnson was former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood, now pro-life champion. How's that for a guess???!!!

  6. Well, Ker, I'll definitely make her a shirt like that, when the time comes. Maybe I can make her a shirt that says, "little doula" too because it sounds like she's already there. Haha.

    And Mom, no comment on your name guess, that's all I'm going to say about that;)


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