Small Successes

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This past week has been especially busy for us, so my small successes for this week are surviving enjoying our activities.

1.Hannah and I went to our first ever MOPS meeting(mothers of preschoolers- but the group is actually for all mothers with young children). Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about finding this group! All the women seem really normal and “cool”, if you know what I mean, and it was nice to have some time to chat with other moms. I feel like I can foresee some potential friendships forming with some of these women and I’m excited. Plus, they mentioned how they have a meals program for new moms, so when Dos is born they’ll bring some meals over to our place. I just met these ladies and already they’re volunteering to bring food when our baby is born. Umm, yes please. Love it.

2.I had a midwife appointment yesterday and all looks well. As my midwife said, “you’re cruising right along in this pregnancy.” I still feel like actually having this baby is a long way off. But in reality, I suppose it’s not. Cute little tidbit: I was lying on the couch (the midwife comes to our place for checkups) while the midwife felt for the baby and Hannah came over and kept throwing off the midwife's hand. My little protector did not like the midwife touching her mama. It was funny.

3.Another basketball game yesterday and another one on Friday. We won yesterday, so we’re still undefeated. The girls are now really serious about keeping their undefeated status, it’s really cute. Who am I kidding; I’m really serious about remaining undefeated too. Love my little team, but also kinda looking forward to basketball season being over, just so I can have a little down time and try to finish my dang thesis.

4.Storytime this morning. Have I ever written on here how awesome our library storytime is? Well, it’s pretty amazing. I had to register online to even get Hannah into the class because the spots fill up fast. I felt like I was back in college. Storytime=serious business in our town.

5.I managed to make homemade valentines and get them all mailed. Hannah and I worked diligently to make cards for all her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, so I hope you all enjoy them!

6.Mass on Friday morning. I’ve tried to keep up going to Mass on Fridays. While I definitely bring down the average age of the Mass goers by a good 30 years, I really enjoy going for all the obvious reasons, but also because all the elderly people really dote on Hannah. They just love her, despite the fact that she can be a little noisy (in my opinion).

7.Hannah’s birthday party is on Sunday. It will be a small party with just her cousins and a few of her aunts and uncles (on Matthew’s side). I’m going to attempt a bubble theme, but we’ll see if anyone notices.

That’s our week in a nutshell. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Ok...these are all big things to celebrate! ..small successes indeed. I love that you have found several support groups..MOPS, library, church...they will bring you endless blessings. I also love that you accept your competitiveness and are having fun with your students. Most of all I love that Hannah is already serving as protector. In MIT this morning we focused on God as our Rock..One who protects from harm or danger, keeps watch over, keeps secure. Little do we realize who He sends as angels :) Celebrate her each day...we'll miss sharing in the fun on Sunday!

  2. that's funny about Mass-- good for you!
    Isabel has grown up around the old folks cooing at her at Mass, and one old sacristan guy gave her candy a few weeks ago and now we have to sit by him and she calls him her friend.

    too cute, Hannah being protective of her mama.

    Have a fun family party!

  3. We'll miss celebrating with you on Sunday too, Mom. It won't be the same without you guys:( And I love that Hannah is such a good little protector already. She'll be such a good big sister:)

    Kerry, that's so cute about Isabel and her "friend." I love that the elderly people love having kids at Mass, that's how it should be, ya know? I always think when I'm that age, I'll be doting on the babies and kids at Mass too.


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