Chiropractic Care & The Bachelor

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After reading about how chiropractic care during pregnancy can help ensure a healthy and speedier delivery, I decided to take the plunge and made an appointment with a nearby chiropractor. I'm pulling out all the stops this time around in the hopes of achieving a natural birth.

This afternoon I had my first appointment and while I was a little unsure what to expect, I walked away glad I went. For some reason, I pictured the treatment would be like what you see in the movies, big dramatic, spine cracking adjustment. But it wasn't at all. It felt mostly like getting a massage, but then random little pulls here and there. She also used this pulsating device that looked like a little hammer to work on certain areas. After the adjustment I definitely feel like my lower back and hips are looser (I'm not sure quite how else to describe it). Of course, she wants to see me every week until the end of my pregnancy. Chiropractic care ain't cheap, so that starts to add up. We'll see, I may skip a few weeks here and there. But again, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to birth this baby naturally.

Natural holistic medicine really intrigues me. In my limited experience with holistic medicine (acupuncture, chiropractic), I've really appreciated how the practitioners ask all sorts of questions pertaining to not only your physical state, but your mental and emotional one as well. I like that they can tell me more about my body than most doctors. For example, my chiropractor noticed that my hip bones were a little askew. One was twisted a tiny bit in and one was twisted a tiny bit out. So she adjusted those areas and now I can get up and walk without any pain or discomfort. And when I went to my acupuncturist she could tell I had a hormonal imbalance due to the various blocks in my energy flow. It seems natural practitioners just have a more intuitive sense of how the human body functions.

Speaking of adjustments, did anyone watch the finale of The Bachelor? (How's that for a segway?)We're total suckers for the show and watch it every Monday night. Heck, I even read Reality Steve's blog for all the insider information and spoilers. Don't judge. So even though I already knew who Bachelor Brad was going to propose to, it was still nice to watch it all unfold. I was rooting for Emily the whole time and was really glad he picked her in the end. However, if you also watched the After the Final Rose show, you may wonder how long this reality romance is going to last. Things don't look good. It appears Emily is struggling to adjust (har har)to life in the spotlight. I guess the happy couple has already broken up once and has no immediate plans to wed. Plus, Emily isn't moving to Brad's hometown anytime soon, not that I blame her. But these aren't exactly good signs. I hope they make it. Do you think they will?

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