40+ Weeks

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here I am at 40+ weeks, no baby yet, but no surprise there. My babies just seem to gestate longer.

My Dad's birthday is on Saturday, so maybe Dos is waiting to share his or her birthday with Grandpa.


  1. goooo Jennie!! You look great! That would be so awesome if your dad and the baby shared a bday.

    Maybe the babe will come with the next full moon? Wait, let me check my LUNA CHART! :) Oh wait...June 15.

    Sending prayers for a great birth! :)

  2. Thanks, Ker, for the compliment and the prayers. I'll take 'em both:)

    Umm, yeah, I'm really hoping the baby comes before the next full moon, but at least you had your handy dandy Luna chart nearby to check when that would be, haha.

    Hope you're settling back into life in DC after your trip out West:)


  3. Haven't seen anything from you in a while...guess that means you are busy with your new little one? If so, congratulations!


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