Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I get a kick out of the crazy and inappropriate things people say to me about having two kids close together in age. Well, to be honest, most of the time I'm amused, other times not so much.

When people say something that really is just plain rude, I figure I have two options, one, become sorely offended or two, laugh. Usually, I laugh. Take for instance, the other day I took Hannah to the park and this woman came up to me and told me how brave I was to have two so close together and I replied, "yeah, it should be fun." 'Should be fun' seems to be my token answer, I don't know what else to say and I do think it will be fun. Then she said, "not really. It won't be fun." I just started chuckling because really lady? Thanks for that.

A lot of women respond to my "it'll be fun" comment with a snicker or a scoff, and surprisingly most of these woman are older and precisely the age that I would think would be a tad more encouraging. The women I find the most support from are those who currently have two (or more) little ones close in age and they always reassure me it's not so bad and that yes, it will be fun. I'm always so grateful for people who tell me how wonderful it will be because really, what can I do about it now? Telling me how awful it will be helps me how exactly?

Generally, I figure those women who have something negative to say about having kids like a 1-2 punch have their own issues, which most likely have nothing to do with me and my children. And it's true, having children close together in age is not going to be easy, but it certainly is not going to be awful. I'm not the first woman to do it and I certainly won't be the last. Plus, it's only TWO kids, it's not like it's 20,geesh.

My experience with having my first two children close together has further reinforced my determination that when my own children are all grown I am going to be that old granny woman who always tell pregnant ladies and families how wonderful having children/being pregnant is and how beautiful their families are. Because really, children and babies are beautiful, regardless of whether it's the first baby or the fifth baby. A baby is a miracle each and every time. The end.

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  1. Amen Jennie!
    xoxoxo Mom to you and five others, Grams to Hannah and Dos and many future grandchildren, AND one of thirteen sibs.


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