Missing California

Friday, May 13, 2011

I’m really missing California today. One of my best friends from college is getting married tomorrow and I’m not going to be there and I’m feeling a little down because of it. Obviously, I have a legitimate reason for missing her nuptials, but it makes me sad nonetheless that I can’t be there. But I’ll certainly be praying for her and her husband-to-be. I am so very happy for them.

Thinking of California makes me really miss my friends, family and the food. Yes, the food. In all the places I’ve lived, nothing can compare to California cuisine. Even the little Mom n Pop type restaurants and shacks offer high quality and delicious tasting food. Plus, thanks to my friend, Kerry, for gloating about the fact that she gets to visit Fentons twice while she’s there, I’m really craving everything California. So just for the heck of it I’m going to list all my favorite little food places in the Bay Area.

Fentons: best ice cream in the world. I used to work here and I had a milkshake every time I worked, which was practically every day. Customers used to ask if I was sick of the ice cream. Umm, no.

Sweet Affair: I could eat their Turkey sandwiches every day. I miss this place, especially when I’m pregnant. Turkey, cranberry, cream cheese, cucumbers, lettuce and sprouts on cracked wheat bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Peet’s Coffee: Best Mochas around. There are Peet’s in Boston, but not nearby enough to go every morning.

Smart Alec’s: a Berkeley institution. Oh, there are so many good restaurants in Berkeley. But the Sesame Chicken from Smart Alec’s, yum. My sister sent me a picture of it when she was there recently because she knows how much I crave that salad.

La Mediterrane: Another hot spot for Cal students. What I wouldn’t give to have The Middle Eastern Plate for dinner tonight.

Intermezzo: while we’re thinking about Berkeley, another amazing sandwich, salad place. Famous for their humongo sandwiches.

Noah’s Bagels: they say they’re “New York bagels” but honestly, I didn’t find a better bagel when I was living in NYC.

Chow: My go-to place for meeting up with friends. An organic spinach salad with an Arnold Palmer and the bread, oh the bread.

Skipolini’s Pizza & Rocco's Pizza: Best two pizza places around, hands down.

A.G. Ferrari: Another great little sandwich shop. My favorite meal ever is a turkey sandwich, so you better believe I know where to find a quality sandwich.

Yogurt Park: how frozen yogurt should be. Pinkberry ain’t got nothin’ on YP.

I better stop because I’m starting to feel a leetle bit pathetic for missing all my food joints so much. But does anyone have any other places to add? Katie?


  1. LOVE you, Jennie!!! It's so hard being the New England contingent of the POP. We miss you and love you!!

    WOW-- that was an awesome list of places--some I have been to and some I have not. I promise, the ice cream tonight at Fentons (for my bro's after grad party) will be in a sacrificial spirit. How 'bout I offer it for you and a smooth labor? :)

    Love you and Dos so much!!

  2. haha i hope that was a shout out to me!! Um i was surprised you didn't mention top dog... my FAVORITE sandwich place in berkeley. ALSO, while youve been gone theres this new place on telegraph called CREAM (cookies rule everything around me), you order a cookie type & ice cream & you get a little ice cream sandwich. (ex: double chocolate chip cookie with mint ice cream between) YUM! Hmm chef burger is a new favorite of mine now that i go to dvc haha. Sunrise & emma villas are good breakfast spots. Ah just so many to choose from!! Its so true though berkeley has SUCH GOOD FOOD!! kind of dangerous! Anyway, hope all is well miss you, love you! Send the fam my love too xoxoxoxo

  3. Ker~Wow, that is so sacrificial of you- eating Fentons ice cream for me. You would really do that for me? Thank you, you're such a good friend;) Haha.

    And Katie~yes, that was a shout out to you because I know you love food as much as I do:) Umm, this Cream place, I think we have to go there the next time I visit. Do you think they ship cross country? And yes, Sunrise and Rick & Anne's and Ann's Kitchen (the last two both in Berkeley-surprise surprise) are delish breakfast spots. I swear, I want to live in Berkeley just to eat the food. Miss you too!!!!

  4. I saw that Cream place on Telegraph the other day and there was a long line so I thought it must be great, but we didn't stop for a bite.

    I did eat cookie coffee dream TWICE for YOU. :)

  5. Ok, I know I'm a bit behind on my Jennie blog reading, but just so you know, I love it! We definitely missed you on May 14th and this weekend! Also, will forever associate you with Fentons because of all your shift-end stories. Lastly, I regularly tell the story of you and I angering Intermezzo employees by frequently ordering the vegetarian sandwich...with turkey. Good times my friend. California and I miss you.


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