Tuesday, May 17, 2011
No baby yet. I suppose I'm at that point in the pregnancy when if people don't hear from you, they assume you must be in labor, so I'm making my public announcement that there is no baby as of yet.

Although, I am starting to feel things change. It's funny with a second pregnancy, I'm trying to stay busy and not read into anything too much. The first time around with every little twinge I thought, "this is it!" I learned my lesson the hard way last time. Plus, I'm kinda sad about having to leave Hannah for a day or two. I'm going to miss my little helper.

It's raining here and it's supposed to keep raining all week, so we've stayed inside a lot lately. Although yesterday we ventured a trip to the mall. I feel like a bad mama, but we've been watching a lot of TV. But I'm kinda letting myself off the hook with that one. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and it's raining outside. Hannah can watch a few hours of Barney, it won't permanently scar her.

Perhaps it's the impending birth of my child, but I've become very introspective lately and this may sound funny, but I started allowing myself to think about what life might be like or what I want life to be like after Dos makes his or her appearance. Up until this point, I haven't let myself think about life after baby, I've been more in survival mode. So maybe soon I'll post about all my ponderings.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of Hannah in her "big sister" chair. We saw this and couldn't resist getting it for her. Only big sisters are allowed to sit in it, btw;)


  1. good idea to stay busy during these exciting days! It's kind of like waiting for Christmas!

    Hannah is so cute, and no the tv won't scar her. But an undying love for Barney may. :)

    love you!

  2. LOVE Hannah's faces Jennie - PRICELESS! I have to admit I may have used Barney as a break, too:) None of you are any worse off, huh?? Except maybe Katie.... xoxoxo Mom

  3. Thanks, guys.:)

    Hannah's faces and posture crack us up in her little chair. She looks like such a little teenager, especially in the second picture. It's funny, every so often, we get glimpses of 12 years into the future. Yikes.:)


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