What's In A Name?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(I just bought Abbie the above St. Abigail from Saintly Silver. It is soo cute!)

When choosing a name for our daughter, we opted to once again go the traditional, old-fashioned-yet-currently-popular route.

Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning “my father’s joy.” Matthew, of course, loves the meaning of this name because his daughters truly are the apples of his eye. Not much is known about St. Abigail except that she protected her town in Ireland against the plague and helped heal her townspeople’s wounds with herbs and honey. Because of this she is considered the patron saint of beekeepers. And for now, one of my nicknames for Abbie is “my little bumble bee.”

Abigail was also a revered woman of the Old Testament. She was married to King David and together they had a son. She was known for her strength, cleverness and beauty.

We will most likely call Abigail, Abbie. Although we currently disagree about how to spell “Abbie.” I like the “ie” ending because that’s how I spell my name, but Matthew prefers “Abby.” He says there’s some guy named Abbie Hoffman who apparently was a real hippie anti-war (Vietnam) protester. I told Matthew nobody knows who that is (at least I didn’t), but I can foresee myself eventually caving and spelling her name with a “y.” Time will tell.

Abigail’s middle name, Elizabeth, is also my middle name. There are so many great St. Elizabeth’s, I don’t quite know which one we’ll attribute to our Abbie, but for now we like St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Elizabeth of Hungary and of course, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

So that’s how we ended up with Abigail’s name. We like our children’s names to really mean something and we feel like we were able to give our daughter a name with significance.


  1. Do you have a similar post about Hannah's name? I tried to look it up in your archives but I couldn't find anything. Since we are picking out names for our little one, this was really helpful.

  2. Hey Mandi,
    I think I wrote up something about Hannah's name, I'll try looking for it for you. What names are you thinking of for your little one? Or are you keeping them secret (we tend to keep our names secret)? I love talking baby names:)


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