Baptism of Abigail Elizabeth

Monday, August 1, 2011
Since Abby will be having surgery soon, we had to plan her Baptism rather quickly. Fortunately, our parish was extremely accomodating and Abby was Baptized last Sunday in a small ceremony. Despite its impromptu planning, it was beautiful.

At one point I started to get emotional when the priest placed Abby's baptismal garment on her and said the words, "See in the white garments you wear, the outward sign of your Christian dignity. Bring this garment unstained to the joys of everlasting life." There is so much weight and importance in that one statement for both Abby and me. Does anyone else ever get completely overwhelmed with the immense responsibility of parenthood? Pray for me!

Here are few pictures of the blessed event.

(Sidenote: ugh, I really need to lose weight. I'm starting my diet soon! Stay tuned.)


  1. Oh what a blessed event....and beautiful words.
    Yes I do get overwhelmed with the are not alone, my friend!

    And you look great, really. I love the cute skirt and your hair looks so nice. One day at a time.... :)

  2. Haha,thank Kerry for your compliment about my hair. 'You have nice hair' is something to say to someone who needs to lose a few pounds. Haha, jk, I do appreciate your encouragement.

    We need to have a pow wow about the responsibilities of raising daughters. How fun would that be?

    Miss you!


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