Biscotti Recipe & Doctors

Monday, August 1, 2011

I made this chocolate-cherry biscotti recipe the other day to give to our pediatrician. We've been seeing him a lot lately, so I thought a little thank you gift was in order.

The biscotti turned out well, but they're not as crispy as I would like so I'm going to have to try and experiment a little the next time I make them. But I would definitely recommend the recipe. Enjoy!

Speaking of doctors, we're going to meet with Abby's potential neurosurgeon tomorrow. Since she's still pretty young, the surgery should be endoscopic and therefore minimally invasive. Hannah's surgery was endoscopic and I'm assuming Abby's will be too. I've read about other kids who have had the traditional surgery, which means a much more extensive surgery and longer hospital stay. I've said it before, but we're really so lucky to be in Boston where the endoscopic version of the surgery for craniosynostosis was invented. Geesh, we are lucky.

Part of me still cannot believe Abby has craniosynostosis. The likelihood of having another child with it was around 2%. Doctors and scientists still do not know what causes craniosynostosis. (For those who don't know, craniosynostosis is the premature fusing of one or more of the skull sutures, in plain English: Abby doesn't have a soft spot in one part of her head because the skull bones have already fused together. They're not supposed to do that yet.) Some scientists assume it's genetic (which in our case may be what's going on), others believe it may be caused by being too cramped in the womb. Ultimately, they really don't know why it happens.

If left untreated the cranio can cause brain damage, blindness and a whole host of physical complications. Surgery is the only treatment, but at least it is treatable. I remember when we were in the PICU with Hannah and we kept thinking how lucky we were that her condition was fixable. There were other sick children for whom there was no cure. Well on that happy note, I guess I'll sign off.


  1. You have such a positive attitude for such a tough situation! I think it's really great that you thought to bring the doctor a gift, I'm sure it was very appreciated. I wonder how often doctors receive gifts - I bet it was much more common in the past.

  2. Looks yummy!!

    Praying for Abby...and it's so great they can do something about this..what a blessing...

  3. Thank you, both of you! We really do appreciate the prayers!


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