Blood Type and Personality

Sunday, August 7, 2011
There is a small chance Abby may need a blood transfusion during surgery, so the hospital recommends that family members donate blood in case it's needed. Since my blood type is O-(universal donor), I am able to donate. Hopefully she won't need the blood, but at least I can feel like I'm doing something tangible to help my daughter.

However, again since I'm O-, I needed a Rhogam shot after having Abby and Rhogam can stay in the system for a while. So yesterday I was trying to research online how long Rhogam supposedly stays in the system (if it's still in my blood I won't be able to donate). While I was googling I found a bunch of articles about blood type and personality.

Apparently, in many Asian countries (Japan in particular) a person's blood type is considered very important and believed to be directly related to an individual's personality, health and lifestyle. I find this line of thought fascinating.

According to the Japanese blood type chart, my Type O blood means I am agreeable and an optimist, but also vain and arrogant. "Arrogant?" I thought to myself, "I'm anything but arrogant, I'm the most humble person you'll meet." Haha.

What do you think? Is the chart accurate for your blood type?

(Apparently, there are also a bunch of fad diets that recommend eating certain foods that correspond to your blood type. For example, Type B people should eat lamb, rabbit and green vegetables and try to avoid chicken. Check out more here.)


  1. My husband is also Type O (only he's O+) and vain definitely does not describe him, although the rest is pretty accurate. I'm A+ and I think that is somewhat accurate (I don't necessarily think I'm all that gentle or creative).

  2. Yeah, the "vain" description was one I actually didn't really identify with either.

    The personality traits are all pretty vague that they could probably fit any blood type.


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