Fall Planning

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall is just around the corner and I can practically smell the change in the air. I absolutely love the Fall in New England. The leaves are beginning to turn color, school is starting, the harvest is coming and the slow, easy life of summer is about to give way to the structured schedule of September. To be honest, I can’t wait.

My scheduling skills have been in hyper overdrive lately. Not to toot my own horn too much, but if I had a superpower it would be organizational skills. I’m pretty good at mapping things out and planning ahead. I find that the more organized things are, the more peaceful life can actually be.

Since this Fall is going to be crazy, yesterday I broke out my big calendar, sat down and started mapping out the next three months. In a few weeks I’ll be heading back to work (very part time- 3 days/week for about 1.5 hours per day), which has propelled me into getting our home and our schedule prepared.

Hannah will have her storytime at the library once a week and I’ve volunteered to be on the board of the Children’s Library. Our library here is amazing and I’m thrilled I get to help out. I also decided to sign Hannah up for a Music/Dance class once a week. I wavered back and forth on whether to do this, but ultimately I’ve decided she’s been so good this summer, going with the flow of everything and has adjusted incredibly well to her big sister role that she deserves something all her own (even if Abby and I will be there-ha). And hey, you’ve seen her dance; she’s going to love this.

We also have a bunch of New England-y type activities we enjoy during the fall, such as driving to see the fall foliage, attending all sorts of fests: cranberry, oyster, chowder and this year I think it would be fun to add apple picking to the to-do list.

Yet, what really spurred this need to organize and plan was finding out that Abby will need to go to the hospital to have her helmet checked and adjusted a lot more often than we realized. For the next month she needs to go to the hospital each week and then every two weeks after that until she’s 6 months old. I laughed when I heard this because that's is often, my friends.

We did not realized her helmet wearing was going to be this intensive. But as much work as that will be driving to the hospital so often, we’re glad. These people are really on top of fixing Abby’s head shape and we’re willing to do whatever it takes. But man, that drive to the hospital is going to get old. Having to go to the hospital so often changes a lot of things. It limits what we’re able to do and where we’re able to go. But you know, it’s not permanent and for that we’re grateful. And for my Abby, I’d do anything.

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