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Sunday, August 14, 2011
The post, The Giant Hand of Internet Spanking, has been gaining popularity around the blogsphere. It's really funny. It basically highlights how easy it is for a blog reader to jump to conclusions about a blog writer and his/her intentions and/or personal beliefs.

Read it here.

I'm really fortunate to have fabulous readers and commenters and haven't yet experienced people making such assumptions about me (thanks to my obscurity in blogland), but I've seen it happen on other blogs and it's really sad/funny how riled up people can get.

Since I was so amused by Swistle's sense of humor, I continued to read on and found this great post on postpartum life. It's hilarious and I completely identify, especially when she says:

"Sometimes I feel like everything is going GREAT! I am incorporating this baby into the household SEAMLESSLY! It is NO BIG DEAL! It is like I am some kind of NATURAL! I could handle even TWO MORE babies! I have to tell the world that having a baby is not as scary as they think! EVERYONE should have babies! LOTS of babies! Babies are GREAT! I LOVE babies!

Other times I feel like this SUCKS. I can't do this AT ALL. Furthermore, NO ONE could, because this is NOT POSSIBLE. I am twenty steps behind. Everyone is crying. Everyone needs something, and I'm the only one who can provide it. I will never catch up. I cut off one hydra head and three more grow back. I have to tell the world that having a baby is very, very hard and that they shouldn't be alarmed if they feel like it is suckily impossible to cope with one."

I TOTALLY think the part about being able to handle two more babies, twins even, and then just one hour later am thinking "why can't you all go to sleep?!?"

And the part about knives and railings, so true. It's nice to know I'm not the only other crazy postpartum lady out there.

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