Trying to Keep a Sense of Humor

Friday, August 5, 2011

Michael Scott: Doctor, what's more serious, a foot injury or a head injury?
Doctor: A head injury.
Michael: Well, you don't have all the information. The foot has been severely burned and healed quickly, very quickly. Actually suspiciously quickly.
Doctor (to Dwight): Okay, I'm ordering a CAT scan.
Michael: Look, since you have that machine up and running, can I just stick my foot in?

When Abby was getting her CAT scan Matthew jokingly said, "what if I ran up to the machine while Abby was in there and stuck my foot in? What would they do?"



  1. "the injury" is one of the top rated office episodes. Love it and laugh every time...
    Praying for you especially on the 11th. And I thunk you should make your own YouTube documentary of how to go through this as a parent. Other parents will google it...and bam...Internet stardom!


  2. Whoops I meant on the 17th.

    Sooo cute --- your mom with the girls. :)


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