Thursday, September 8, 2011
Now that life is beginning to follow a routine a little more, we've allowed ourselves to start looking toward the future. We've started talking a little about where we'd like to live and what type of home we'd like to live in. Now, with that said, we are in no way starting up the house hunting process again. Just the thought of that gives me a panic attack. The "where" question is obviously a much bigger question (and one I will save for another day), so for now I'm dwelling on the "how."

The problem is I love apartment living. Small spaces are a piece of cake to clean and it's easy to keep an eye on my little ones because they can't go far. If something breaks, the maintenance men fix it. The heat is free. Apartment living is simple and I like simple.

However, I want my girls to grow up in a house. More than a house, I want them to have a backyard. However, and this a big however, I want a small house. Contrary to what I always thought when I was playing MASH growing up, I no longer want to live in a mansion. In fact, I'd love a 2 bedroom home. I don't even know if houses come in the 2 bedroom variety, so I'd be willing to have three. But I'd like the home to have an open layout inside, meaning I'd like the kitchen, living room and dining room to remain connected and not separated by walls. I love that open feeling in homes.

When I started thinking about houses I realized bungalow style homes would perfectly blend my love of small living spaces with the desire for a house and a backyard. I especially like the 1920's bungalow style homes that are all over California. So when I started perusing the internet searching for bungalows I found a few that I think are so cute and cozy. Check them out.

This one is my favorite. It's in Portland, OR.

Now that I've said all that, I fully reserve the right to change my mind. I might feel completely differently if/when we have more children and those children grow bigger and cozy turns into cramped. But for now, I love the idea of bungalow living.

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  1. I think thats totally reasonable and actually a great idea. Smaller places and SOOOO much easier, cleaning wise.

    The homes are adorable..... The first one looks like a better version of the "Berkeley bungalow", which was what we had before peralta.


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