Abby's Photo Shoot

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I'm having a couple pictures of the girls made into 12x18 canvases. CVS is currently having a promo of 25% off their photo canvases, so I figured now was my chance. For Hannah I used the picture from the sidebar and the canvas turned out beautifully. I love it. For Abby I think I used the last picture, but it was a tough choice, I loved the middle one with the teeth, haha.

p.s. isn't her head looking great? Only 5 more months to go with the helmet...


  1. Those cheeks!!!!!!! I want them!!!!!

  2. Those cheeks! I want to kiss them!!!!! Oh Jennie these pictures of Abby are PRICELESS, and I love her two teeth smile - you've really captured her personality with your camera. Keep it up! And thanks for blogging again. Yes I was the unknown commenter earlier...forgot how to complete the blogger account set up :) xoxoxo

  3. I know it, her cheeks are scrumptious. Apparently, according to the geneticist, her left cheek is actually bigger than her right, haha. Love it. Glad you like the pictures! I love my new camera:)

  4. Love the one with Hannah looking on from the background!


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