Fertility Math, Most Women Flunk

Saturday, January 28, 2012
My good friend, Kerry, sent me this article. Fertility Math? Most Women Flunk. It details how many women are completely ignorant when it comes to their own fertility. They seem unaware of the closing window on their fertility and believe the ability to have a child will be there 10, or even 15 years down the road.

I dare say, it's true. I know so many smart and well-educated women who simply have no basic understanding of their own fertility. It's a shame really. Despite advances in modern medicine and the "sexual revolution," it seems many women have become more disconnected from the natural rhythm of their bodies.

Despite popular belief, getting pregnant is actually statistically difficult. There is only a small window each month during which time conception could take place and even then there's only roughly a 20% chance of getting pregnant and that's if everything is working perfectly. The odds are actually in favor of not getting pregnant.

Which is why I'm a proponent of having children sooner rather than later. It's simply more likely that you'll have a healthy pregnancy when you're younger. Personally, once I had one baby, I wished I had more and sooner.

As women, we like to believe we can have it all. And the feminist in me believes that to be true. We just can't have it all when we want it. In the grand scheme of things, the period of a woman's childbearing years are relatively short. I figure I have about 10 more good years left, maybe. And then I'll have 40 more years, perhaps even 50, during which time I can pursue a career or take up new hobbies or travel.

I like how the article ends, with the 43 year old woman offering advice to women in their 20's and early 30's: "Start having babies now...This is not about empowering women and women’s rights. This is about science and biology 101.”

And that's my advice too. You might regret putting off having a baby, but you'll certainly never regret having one.

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