Hannah At Age 2

Friday, January 27, 2012
Nicknames: Hannah Bear, Hannie, Love Bug, Bug (this is mostly what I call her), Bugaboo, Buggie, Love, Lovie.

Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, Fruit, especially bananas, apples, clementines and pears, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, guacamole and chips.


 Favorite Hobbies: Reading, especially Christmas books, coloring, puzzles, building blocks.

Favorite Activities: Playing/tickling/wrestling Abby, dancing, jumping from the ottoman to the couch, being thrown onto the bed by Daddy (pretty much any rough housing), brushing her teeth, watching Toy Story, making pancakes with Mama.

Favorite Animal: Dogs, hands down.(She loves this dog at Old Navy.)
Favorite phrases: Naming all the members of her family, “Mama, Daddy, Sister, Han-da,” "Woody," and "Barney," "All-Bye" (for all done), "Wa-wa please" (this kid loves water).

What we love about Hannah: She's incredibly precocious and very curious about the world around her. She's a wonderful big sister to Abby and so, so affectionate. She's such a loving child and likes to give hugs and kisses. She's funny and enjoys having a good time and loves to laugh. She enjoys watching TV and movies, especially her pal "Woody," and sometimes when she's watching TV we laugh because she looks such  like a teenager lounging on the couch. We have so enjoyed watching her personality blossom the last two years and truly look forward to watching her grow. We love you Hannah!

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