7 Quick Takes

Friday, February 24, 2012

1.  We heard from Abby’s geneticist yesterday. All of her blood work came back normal. This is really reassuring, but not terribly surprising. The geneticist estimates that our chances of having another child with craniosynostosis are between 5-50%, a wide margin if ever I saw one. But you know, we have kind of accepted that this is our lot in life and have begun to structure our lives to accommodate this fact. We definitely want more children and if those children have cranio, well, so be it.

2. Hannah knows the alphabet. Thank you Super Why! That TV show along with reading B is for Bethlehem 47 times a day has effectively taught my daughter all the letters of the alphabet. And who says television isn’t educational? 

3. Lest you think Hannah is a genius, she now thinks her name is “you.” Not entirely sure why, but there it is.

4. My Lenten Internet fast is taking shape nicely. I’ve decided that I will only allow myself to go online while my children are asleep. This is hard! But, it’s made my time online a lot more productive (I have a to-do list for when I’m online, what I need to look up, who I need to email, etc.). Naturally, this has freed up a lot of my time and has allowed me to spend more playing and reading, especially with Hannah. So far, so good!

5. After a lot of thought and talk and prayer, I think I’m going to train to become a doula. I’m doing it, Kerry! I’m mostly inspired by my friend Kerry, we like to talk “birth” all the time and I love it. She’s a birthing genius and has already attended a million and one births, so I’m a little intimidated about the prospect of training alongside people as experienced as she. But I was telling Matthew the other night that with my life experiences I feel like I’m being led down this path. I am passionate about birth and helping women achieve their best birth possible and I feel with my eleventy billion hours of labor I have a small amount of knowledge of what methods and techniques help a laboring woman.  I like to think that I have something to offer pregnant women. So, yikes, here goes nothin'.

6. This is depressing, but last night we watched a movie about human trafficking called The Whistleblower. The movie, which is based on a true story, is about a whistleblower who worked for the U.N. peacekeeping forces in Bosnia following their civil war. While there, she witnessed incredible corruption within the U.N. and in other international police keeping forces that were basically facilitating and turning a blind eye to the human trafficking of young girls. It is estimated that there are around 2.5 million people (mostly women and children) who are sold into slavery every year and roughly 14,000-17,000 of those people are trafficked into the United States. It blows my mind that this issue is not talked about more. It's a billion dollar industry, so I suppose that's why people keep quiet. Shameful. Here in America we'll talk until we’re blue in the face about drug trafficking, but never a mention of trafficking people. As the mother of daughters, this is something that freaks me out. I don’t know exactly how to help end this atrocity, but I know something must be done.
7. In lighter news, I’m helping to plan my sister’s bridal shower and am having a ball choosing menu and decorating ideas. I don’t want to post any of my plans in case she sees this, but I’ll show you one of the cute food ideas I have.

Photo from Annie's Eats.

Guaranteed mine won't look that pretty, but isn't that such a cute idea?!

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  1. Oh, Super Why! How my 3 year old loves thee! I think that is a great idea- to only be on the computer when your kids are asleep! I've been strictly limiting my time on here, but it is still too much! Maybe I will take your approach!

  2. Wow..that is a wide range of possibility of having a child with cranio again. It is wonderful that it can be treated and the girls can live normal lives. I suppose we are lucky we live in the US where the surgery is widely available.

    Great idea about Internet time. That's what I did for a long time.

    So so happy you are pursuing doula training!!!! I really don't have that much experience!!! You are right there in the genius category, and our trainings are going to make us even better. " J and K Birthing Services of Greater Boston" here we come!!!! :)

  3. I just found your blog through Conversion Diary...and we live in MA, so your title of "Boston boy" caught my eye. Do you guys live in MA now?

  4. Hi Leanne~yes, the online only when kids are sleeping approach is working pretty well so far. And Super Why, man oh man, what is it with that show. Whyatt is practically a member of the family:)

    Kerry~ J&K Birthing Services of Greater Boston---ahh, that would be amaaazing!!

  5. Hi Colleen~ yes, we live in MA, just south of Boston. Where in MA are you guys? So nice to meet a fellow Bay Stater:)

  6. Could I get your email to let you know where I live? Or you can email me at collmart at gmail dot com. Thanks!


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