Around Our Home

Friday, February 3, 2012
 One of my little decorations for Valentine's Day.

 My photo wall. I had so much fun putting this together last summer.

 Our bedroom. I just added that canvas painting above our bed. I love it.

 And our beautiful crib that is never used. I'll have to do another post about co-sleeping...

 My new photo canvases that I had made of the girls. I love how they turned out. I'm addicted to CVS photo canvases now.

Christmas cards. I don't have the heart to take them down, even though it's now February. Sigh, I suppose they'll have to come down soon.

 Our "family" wine--Schug Wine. And my spice rack.

How I was able to take all these pictures. Hannah's little kitchen is to the left of the TV and above it I made two little silhouettes of the girls. That's a Happy Birthday banner hanging above the blinds.


  1. Nice! Yes, I'd love to hear your thoughts on co sleeping!

  2. I'll have to write another post about it. Are you considering it for the bambino?

  3. Close sleeping, but not really "co". Pack n play next to the bed I think...


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