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Thursday, March 22, 2012
After my last post on c-sections, I was asked if we are going to try again for a homebirth with baby #3 (no, this isn’t any sort of announcement;) ). And since I can’t pass up a chance to talk about “birth” or myself, I figured I should just write a whole post about what we envision for future births.  Sidenote: I have mixed emotions about birth plans because I think there are so many variables in childbirth and often labor and delivery, like life, doesn’t go according to a “plan.” I worry that envisioning a perfect birth only leads to disappointment. But I do think it is important to be prepared. So this is our strategy for a future labor and delivery. Here goes.

In a perfect world we would plan a homebirth for baby #3 and believe that my body, which made it so far with Abby’s labor, would finally be able to physically deliver a baby. My midwives are extremely supportive of another homebirth and are fully confident that I could birth my baby naturally and at home.

However, unlike many women attempting homebirths, we have several variables, such as a history of long labors, multiple c-sections and craniosynostosis (which I believe made a natural birth for Abby impossible) that make achieving a natural birth a bit more challenging. As much as I desire a homebirth, I feel like I have to be realistic about what I’m up against.

So for future pregnancies we plan to see both a midwife and a doctor. We will be going back to the doctor that delivered Hannah. He was great and extremely supportive of natural birth and sympathized with my disappointment with having to have a c-section. We will see him for all the appointments during the pregnancy and when labor begins, he will be our point man. In many ways, this is like nearly every other pregnancy in America.

However, I will also have appointments at home with my midwives. We’re pretty sure we will use the ones that helped with Abby’s labor, but we’re not entirely certain yet. When labor begins we will contact the midwives and have them come to our home where I will labor with their support for a time. If within 24 hours the labor is progressing well and the baby is close to being born, there is a strong possibility we will just stay put and deliver at home with the midwives. Although, that is a bridge we will cross when we get to it.

However, if after 24 hours, it doesn’t look like the labor is following the course it should, we will go to the hospital and submit to their interventions and care. Both Matthew and I agree we are done with three-day labors, hence the time limit for the next one.

Honestly, I don’t know how the next birth will go, but I’ve come to accept that I’m okay with whatever happens. If we have to go to the hospital or have another c-section, fine. In the end, I really just want a healthy baby. And I do believe that at some point God will allow me to have the natural birth I so desire.  

So that's our strategy for future labors and births in a nutshell. How I approach future pregnancies will also be slightly different, but I suppose that is a different post altogether.


  1. Wow! This is fascinating to me (understatement)! I had never thought of this option, it's soo cool!!!! Have you heard of anyone else doing this, or is this something you and Matthew came up with?

    It really seems to cover all the bases, and give you a back up if the homebirth becomes not feasible.
    Question-- will the doctor know about the midwives and homebirth plan and vice versa?

    This is really amazing, and I think it's a really really good plan.

    And yeah, no more 48 hours of laboring.

    When you get preg, you can be sure of my daily prayer for your intention of a natural homebirth if it's best for you and the bebe.

  2. Sounds like a really good, practical birth plan! I'm glad you are planning to try for natural birth, but also have a good attitude about having it go another way if need be!

  3. Thanks, Mandi!

    And Kerry, I'm sure we'll talk about this extensively when the time comes. Haha.

    Good questions. Essentially, Matthew, my midwives and I came up with the plan and one of my midwives did say that they have other patients/clients/women who also see a doctor and that those women don't necessarily mention to the doctor about also seeing homebirth midwives. I don't know if I'll mention it to the doctor. I'm such a bad liar, so it will be hard not to. But my midwives are so super supportive about me having a homebirth. They're like "we know you have the endurance..." haha. Anyways, yeah, I feel really good about this plan. It gives me peace.

    And thank you, thank you for your prayers. I'll need them:)


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