The Power of Blogs

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Sometimes I’m amazed at the power of blogs. Look at what several bloggers have managed to do for Reece’s Rainbow and little Malcolm. In just one day they have managed to raise nearly $4,000. Thank you if you donated! It’s incredible.

Blogging is such a powerful medium. I feel so fortunate that I have come-of-age in the era of the internet. It's funny because most, if not all of the blogs I read are by women whom I've never even met and yet they have had a profound effect on me. I listen to them, I learn from them, I heed their advice. If these women recommend a particular book or perfume, I'll buy it for goodness sakes. The Catholic "mommy bloggers" have made me a better wife, mother and Christian. 

But sometimes when I read the blogs of women who are doing incredible things like this one (my new favorite blog), I admit, I feel a little jealous. It’s a holy envy in that I admire their faith and their convictions. They are doing something wonderful and big for God. But I am left questioning my own life. How can I better live the Gospel? What is something "big" I should do for God?

Yesterday as I was praying (in the car), I asked God what it was that he wanted of me? What is it that my life can offer? So often I expect God to ask something monumental of me, something that would completely change my life and everything in it. But I'm slowly learning that while God does indeed work that way sometimes, He also works in small ways too. And small ways are not to be discounted. Remember the poor widow's offering of just two coins?

Several hours after my prayer, I checked my email and discovered a note from the Jorge Posada Foundation asking if I would be willing to mentor a woman (and family) whose child was just diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. The family lives in Maryland, but will be traveling to Boston to see the same neurosurgeon that Abby had.

And there it was. It's not big and dramatic, like adopting an orphan from Africa, but it's something and it's someone I can help. I have to laugh at myself, God was probably just waiting for me to ask.

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