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Friday, March 9, 2012

We had another helmet appointment this week. Abby's practitioner and I were working out the next several appointments and realized we only have four more to go. In three months Abby will be done with this helmet. I cannot wait!

For some reason, this picture just cracks me up.
Every time we visit Children’s Hospital I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. That may sound odd. But every time we’re there I’m reminded how much worse things could be. Abby’s condition is fixable. Besides this pesky little craniosynostosis, she is perfectly healthy.

Of course, sometimes with this whole helmet business I feel like I’ve missed out on Abby’s babyhood. She’s spent the entire first year of her life in a helmet, which makes it impossible to kiss her head, or cuddle her on my chest or put girly bows in her hair. 

When we’re out in public we get a lot of stares. Little kids point and tell me that my baby “looks weird” in a helmet. Usually I just laugh because, well, I suppose she does. Truth be told, I appreciate their honesty. But mostly I am just so thankful that she’s not old enough to realize what’s going on.

In some ways I feel like I’m straddling two worlds. Normalcy and not. On the one hand, Abby is beautiful and healthy and growing and developing like any normal little girl. On the other hand, she was born with a birth defect and we’ve spent the last nine months in and out of doctors’ offices. The other day I was trying to count just how many doctors she has. She has 5: a pediatrician, a neurosurgeon, an ophthalmologist, a plastic surgeon and a geneticist, not to mention her orthotist (helmet person). That’s a lot of doctors for one little girl. 

In just a few short months our little family will appear perfectly normal from all outward appearances. But internally, we know we are not. We have been forever changed by craniosynostosis. And there’s a strong possibility we may have more children with this condition, so if we are blessed with another child, we may very well have to begin this journey all over again. Sometimes that thought exhausts me.  

But I am comforted by the words of a wise friend, “God gives us the graces to handle what's happening today, not what we project into our future."

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  1. You have beautiful little ones! And she looks adorable sitting in her little chair!


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