Help Declan and Win a Kindle Fire!

Monday, April 30, 2012
What do a Kindle Fire and a 2-year-old orphan have in common? They both have a lot of spark! (Bad joke, I know). 

This week and next I'll be raffling off a Kindle Fire to help Declan find his family!

Little Declan is almost three years old (just a little older than Hannah) and is looking for a Mama of his own. He is described as “lively" and "cheerful,” with a "calm and kind personality." Just look at what a cutie he is!

He lives in an orphanage in Russia and apparently no one visits him. How can that be? 

Together we can help bring Declan home! By donating to Declan’s Reece’s Rainbow fund here or mentioning him on Facebook, you have a chance at winning a brand new Kindle Fire.

Here's how the Declan Drawing will work:

           1) Mention Declan on Facebook or your blog and you'll earn 2 entries.
               (Obviously, the more entries, the greater the chance of winning.)

           2) For every $10 donated, you earn 2 entries. 

           3) Be sure to let me know that you've donated or Facebooked or
              blogged or emailed about the little guy.

          4) The winner of the Declan Drawing will be chosen at random next
              Friday, May 11th. 

For more information about Declan, visit his Reece’s Rainbow page here.

Let's find Declan his Mama!


  1. How do I let you know that I've entered the drawing? I don't see an email address for you! Anyway, I've donated $10 to Declan's fund, "shared" him on Face Book, and posted about him on my blog.
    He is such a cutie. I hope this all helps!
    Please contact me at so I know you got this. Thanks!

  2. Hope little Declan can get some donations :)

  3. I shared on my orphan blog! I hope to donate, too… Must talk to hubby. I'm a little over my quota.

    (Did you mean to give fewer draws for donations vs. shares?)

    Thanks for doing this!

  4. His eyes just get you, he is so cute.

    I am sending in my donation. May he find a home soon!

  5. Awesome, thanks everyone! We're off to a great start!

    Jay, thanks so much! I have you down for 4 entries! Way to go!

    Leila, yeah, I wasn't sure about how to word the donations, maybe I'll reword it that for every $10 donated, you earn 2 entries, which is essentially the same thing as 1/$5, but perhaps sounds better?

  6. Whoops, sorry Jay, you have 6 entries!

  7. I blogged!

  8. Facebook or my Blog? I tweeted, is that okay? If not, I'll redo it. I am a zombie and don't pay attention, apparently.!/ALTmommy/status/198540315869716480

  9. Here we go, shared on FB even though I'm supposed to be taking a fb break. lol

  10. I shared on FB! And donated $20 :).

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Shared on Facebook; hope it helps!

  13. Awesome! Thank you everyone! I'll record your entries:)

  14. Hi Jennie, I wrote a blog post: and shared it on FB and twitter. We also donated $20. Thanks for setting this up to support this sweet boy! We're praying he'll find a family soon!


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