Holy Week

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Does anyone else feel like Lent flew by? Suddenly I find myself at the beginning of Holy Week, unprepared.

Oh, I made a good faith effort at my Lenten resolutions, but I could have done better. Isn't that always the case? But that's the beauty of Lent. It isn't an all or nothing sort of game. God can use even our measly little sacrifices and attempts at prayer and weave them into something greater, majestic even.

Despite my lackluster and could-have-been-better prayers this Lent, God has allowed me to witness His responses to my petitions. More than a few times this Lent I have found myself thinking "holy crap, does God really hear me?" (Yes, I realize I probably shouldn't be saying "holy crap," especially during Holy Week.)

Although liturgically Lent is coming to a close, the resolutions we have made during this season do not have to end. I intend to carry on with many of mine.

The word Lent is derived from the Old English word "lengten," which referred to the lengthening of the daylight hours during the spring season.I like that. Lent lengthens. Once stretched, it is very difficult for something (or someone) to return to their original dimensions. So I pray that although I didn't stretch as much as I would have liked this Lent, I did grow a little and that God may use even my small growth to continue his work in me and in those around me.

God bless you!

"May Palm Sunday be a day of decision for you, the decision to say yes to the Lord and to follow him all the way." ~Pope Benedict XVI

"We can’t let Holy Week be just a kind of commemoration. It means contemplating the mystery of Jesus Christ as something which continues to work in our souls.” ~St. Josemaria

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